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Managing GAFE with PowerShell

Real talk. Google is taking over the education market. Sorry Apple and Microsoft, it’s the truth. Don’t stop trying though…us education customers need all the help we can get! We like free and simple, btw (that’s why Google is wining in this space).

However, with simplicity comes a lack of sophistication. As a technology professional, part of my job is automating the mundane tasks so that I can focus on the large and fun projects. You know what isn’t easy to do in GAFE? Bulk operations. This is where there is severe lack of sophistication on the management side. Keep working, Google.

A few years ago,  I began learning PowerShell and it has since become my command-line of choice. Tasked with needing to perform some bulk operations in our Google environment, I was exploring how to perform certain functions via command-line, if something like that existed. Fortunately, Google has an API, but unfortunately they do not have a propriety command-line tool, nor does their Admin Console allow for bulk operations.

Luckily, a gentleman by the name of Jay Lee, created a tool called GAM. GAM is a command line tool for Google G Suite Administrators to manage domain and user settings quickly and easily. Perfect! Continue reading